The 7 types of guys you will find on Tinder

While searching and finally landing the dream man has become a lot easier in modern dating, so has making endless promises, breaking up and walking away. Since online dating websites and apps came into existence, there has been a blast of fake IDs and profiles, lies or exaggerations about one’s personality and profession, all mainly to impress the opposite sex to land a mere one-night-stand or dating for fun, not anything serious really. However, the reality is that online dating websites and apps complement the dating appetite of the Generation Y’s idea of romance and sexual relationships.

Tinder, one such craze in the single-and-ready-to-mingle community, as you may have heard of it already, is a “dating” app usable in mobile phones. It is a lovechild of and, and resembles OkCupid and Bumble. Tinder makes use of Facebook connections and GPS tracker to find the nearest suitable matches for you, and it is quite popular with its fast and easy “swipe” feature.

With an engagement of 50 million active users and rising, will Tinder be able to find you a trustworthy boy-friend? Or will it just entertain you with short-term flicks and casual hook-ups? What do the guys here want as a matter of fact? Let’s have a look at the kind of suitors that are usually spotted on this charming ‘Land of Tinder’:

7. The Wanna-Be Prince of some distant land

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These suitors tend to seek attention from you. Their profiles talk about not-so-well-known or seldom-ever-heard-of books and music, with the vain intention of stealing your curiosity and landing dates.

He may be very rich and give you a ride in his expensive chariot and treat you fine liquors in restaurants where you have never been before. You may find him name-dropping, and tasting wines which he himself may not have tasted before. In the end he may just show interest to take you for a thrilling ride that may end up in a one-night entertainment (depends on what you were looking for).