The 5 Most Useful Google Apps You Never Knew Existed

If you did a survey on the most common word in this world then you might see Google up there ranked very high. The thing about Google is that it is an amazing search engine. You need to do something, the first thing you do is look it up on Google. But that’s not all Google can do. Nobody utilizes Google to its full power. In fact, apart from being the best search engine out there, there are a lot of Google apps that can be very helpful. Never heard of them? Well, here is a list of Google Apps.

5. Google Translate App


Are you the kind of person who loves to travel? Then you know very well how hard it can be to go to a new country and not speak their language. Well, from no onwards you can use the Google Translate App. As the name suggest, the app will help your translate things for you. Just point your camera at certain words and it will scan it into your desired language.