6 Reasons Why Online Dating Has Nothing To Do With Real Love

If you think that online dating sites are for finding the right partner, then you need to rethink. There are many people who take these sites too seriously jump into find someone to suit them. But at the end most of them return empty-handed or even with broken hearts. Online dating has removed the fine border between the originality and the unoriginality. The game of nothing begins when you make an attractive profile and get some people attracted to it. This is why online dating and true love will not go hand in hand

6. Free and paid dating sites

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/441493569691627301/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/441493569691627301/
Almost everyone has an account built up on free dating sites. The sites contain people who are original
or fake, straight or gay, loyal or cheater. But one thing is common, i.e. no real commitments. This still does not mean you can keep your hopes high for the paid dating sites. Paid sites bring you in such a place where you see desperate people looking for a partner. Years ago in paid sites most people were committed and results even went up to marriage unlike now.