7 Ordinary Things That You Can Be Fined for in Some Countries

If you try to explain everything with logic, there’s a good chance that you’ll fail. Many places and countries around the world have strange laws. There are modern laws that seem absurd at the first glance as well as there are laws from the past that might make you think that someone simply forgot to remove or replace them. Some of these laws may seem funny but if you dig deeper, you might be able to find some logical explanation for them. Let’s take a look at 7 such laws:

7. Used Items

In Canada, if you intend to start selling second-hand items there’s a long list of banned and recommended items that you have to carefully study. There is a list of goods that are not completely banned but could still cause some issues. This particular list is huge and includes hockey helmets, MP3 players, strollers, garden lights, mesh blinds etc. You can’t put a stuffed toy with a loose nose up for sale. Sleeping bags and used mattresses can only be brought into the country with a certificate. This certificate confirms that the item has been cleaned and disinfected.