Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

9. Teeth that fall out and injuries

Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

Our subconscious sees teeth as a sign of strength and the ability to “bite off” a piece of the world. Penney Peirce says, “Perhaps, you have recently been feeling unarmed and helpless in the real world,”

Another expert who has studied dreams for a long time is Patricia Garfield. She says that dreams about teeth falling out are signs of hidden anger. When we try to hold back our anger, we clench our jaws, and our teeth may start to crackle and grind. This dream could tell you it’s time to let go of bad feelings.

We often see someone close to us hurt or sick in our dreams. People worry about these dreams, but from a psychological point of view, things are not that bad. We’re afraid of the future and the changes that will happen with the people we love. If you see your own death, it means that a part of you is dying and going away so that something new can take its place.

“Opposite” dreams about birth and recovery usually happen when something new is happening in a person’s life, like a new job or project, and represent a unique experience.