The Reason Why Your Jeans Has These Tiny Pockets and Buttons

Mankind will forever argue about what was the greatest invention in the entire history. Some will say the electricity, some will say the cure for several disease and others will say the iPad. However, if you ask me, the greatest invention in the history of mankind was jeans. Yes, that’s right, the same jeans that you all are probably wearing right now.

Ask me why? Because jeans are so perfect. You can wear it with everything and for every sort of occasion. They are comfortable, easy to wear and stylish too. However, there are times you might have wondered what are those extra features in jeans. Those little mini pockets inside the original pockets or the copper stud’s linings along the pocket. It may or may not have left you clueless. Well, worry no more, as we have found the answer to all that problem.


If you are wondering why these mini pockets were placed, then you are not alone. A lot of people have wondered the same thing and some even thought it to be pretty useless. The real reason, however, is that these mini pockets were put in place so that men could put their pocket watches in them. That’s right, somebody actually thought that men would carry pocket watches while wearing jeans and decided “hey why not make a small room for them”. You never know what runs through the heads of these designers.