7 Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Dies So Quickly

Today, the ultimate first world problem seems to be our phones running out of charge when we least expect them to. Over time, smartphones generally need to be charged more frequently which can be annoying and inconvenient. Keeping your phone’s battery charged can help keep your phone working for much longer. Here are some reasons why your smartphone battery runs out of juice so quickly:

7. Your phone keeps searching out WiFi networks


WiFi is cheaper and much more practical than a data plan. However, if you keep your WiFi on all the time, your phone will keep searching for available networks. Your phone will seek out and connect to networks while you run errands, travel and even while you sleep. This can burn through lots of battery power and you will end up charging your phone much more often than usual. If you don’t need to use the internet, turn off your WiFi so your phone won’t look for a network you don’t need.