Top 6 Regrets That Most Married Men Have

Marriage isn’t always happiness and sharing cute moments together. Nobody expected it to be that either. But sometimes, we give a very different image of marriage than what it really is. Not that I am speaking from experience, I just happen to have a few married colleagues and friends who have shared their experience with me. And the stories they shared aren’t always positive. So here are the top six regrets that married men have but suffer through them secretly:

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6. Variety Lost

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Now before you jump on my throat and say that’s a disrespecting thing to say, let me clarify that this is basically a natural thing for men. Men are capable of having sex with one person only and that too for a long period of time. But the problem is, and most men won’t admit this, they will desire other women. If they by any chance marry too soon, then their urges will be even greater because they haven’t had the chance to bring variety in their life. Every guy will have a fantasy or two with some girl and they’ll admit that if they weren’t married they probably would have approached that girl. Most men are loyal and truly love their wives but if they are absolutely honest to themselves, then they will admit having an urge for other women.