7 Things We Consider Selfish That Are Actually Perfectly Normal

If someone calls you selfish, it may not feel like a compliment. But those “selfish” features can actually make you a better person, psychologists say. The whole idea behind people being self-interested comes from an innate sense of survival in our nature. Though, this instinct has some negative connotations and can often cause fear and anger. You might want to check out places where practising healthy egoism can actually let your personality grow and thrive. Let’s take a look at them.

7. Taking care of your own rest.

When you’re feeling exhausted – be it from being mentally or physically tired, it’s time to put your feet up. This can include going to bed earlier and making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Drastic lack of sleep has some serious consequences, including difficulty focusing on things and not remembering tasks. A lot of the time we stay in uncomfortable situations because offending other people can be a big deal for us.

You’ve been working hard but maybe need to work on managing the line between your work and private life. The important thing is always to find the balance that works for you. If this means making sure you get enough sleep and not staying out late with friends or family when you get back home, that’s okay.