3 Signs You Actually Have Great Gut Health

2. You get the gurgles


Dr. Pimentel says it’s a common mistake to think that the sounds your stomach makes always mean you’re hungry. Instead, he says it’s often a sign of what he calls “dishwasher mode” in a healthy gut.

“That gurgling sound is called the migrating motor complex,” Dr. Pimentel explains. “Every 90 minutes, when you don’t eat, that cleaning wave comes through. So when you hear that, don’t be embarrassed. It’s a beautiful thing.”

According to Dr. Pimentel, the human gut is designed with two computer programs: the eating mode and the cleaning mode. “You need time to clean up like a dishwasher. If you eat all day, you’re not leaving time for the ‘cleaning’ portion, which the gut requires in order to prepare for your next meal.”