7 Signs Your “Caring” Partner Is Actually Controlling You

There’s a  fine line between caring for someone and controlling them. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate one from the other. If your partner’s behaviour makes you feel guilty, or like you’re not good enough, it might be a sign that they’re controlling you.

We’re always here for you. That’s why we’ve gone a step further and found situations when partners might cross that line between control and care.

7. You’re “walking on eggshells” around them.

Having a partner that cares about you means you can talk openly to them and not feel weird or embarrassed about what you’re saying. And that’s because they’ll always support and understand what you have to say. If your partner intimidates & threatens you instead of engaging with your feelings, it means they only want power over you. A controlling partner is always right and will never apologize. They are also steadfast in their way of thinking and refuse to take responsibility for any of their actions.