7 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

If you are in a relationship which “seems” like a dedicated and a serious one and you are finally ready to commit fully, only to find out that the other person’s response is not exactly what you were expecting, your world of love would be shattered. Now you start wondering whether the other person was honest with you about their feelings or not. Let us warn you about the 7 red flags suggesting your partner might possibly faking their love toward you.

7. Love on Social Media vs Love In Private

If one is posting a lot of pictures on Facebook and Instagram trying to show what an awesome couple you are, then it is a certain sign of insecurity. In addition to that, if your partner is only attentive and nice to you when you’re out with or around friends, that should be a big red flag as well. Their affection should not only be limited to that. It should also show when you are home. Your partner likes to put on an “affection show” if the affection stops or fades away at home.