7 Surprising Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight could mean dropping a few pounds or gaining some. A healthy weight is much more than how you look. If you maintain a healthy weight, there are some obvious benefits including your overall well-being. But there are some lesser-known and surprising benefits too. Keep reading the list of amazing benefits of maintaining a healthy weight:

7. Better Sleep


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine did a study in 2012 and they found out that losing weight, especially that irritating belly fat, can improve the quality of your sleep. They said it happens because it becomes harder for the lungs to expand because fat gets in the way. Problems like sleep apnea can originate from breathing issues. Belly fat, in particular, interferes with lung functions.

6. Increased Fertility

According to an estimate by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, about 12% of infertility cases are caused by weight-related issues. According to fertility experts, the ideal weight for fertility is a BMI between 20 and 24. Your ovulation and periods can be negatively affected by your weight. So if you are not within a healthy weight range, your fertility can actually suffer.