These Emojis Mean Something Entirely Different Than What You Imagined

Emojis inject fun in otherwise boring pieces of texts. Can you think of when you last sent a casual text without any emoji? Emojis have become an integral part of our texting culture and it is not showing any sign of subsiding either.

We all have our interpretations when it comes to emojis. We often get creative with it too. Having said that, there are some emojis that we thought meant something but turned out to be something completely different. Let’s take a look at what these emojis are:

7. The Tongue Out

This could probably be one of the most used emojis. Goofy, flirtatious or even something tongue-in-cheek sarcastic, we don’t hold back using this emoji.  However, actually, this emoji does not mean those things. The actual title of this emoji is “Face Savoring Delicious Food”. That flirtatious tongue means you are devouring some very tasty food. I guess the facial expression mislead us in this case.