Top 5 Nintendo 64 Emulators for Windows 10/8.1/7 PCs Supporting Gamepads


Why Retrogaming?

There were times where games were simple and unsophisticated, but fresh and exciting. Armies of “joystick” soldiers used to spend long hours helping Mario and Jumpman level up and thus get closer to completing their missions. Presently, there are more than plenty of games with fascinating graphics and interesting storylines for us to play. So, everyone seems to have forgotten about good old Nintendo characters that once mesmerized millions players with their stunts and exploits committed in the name of justice and peace. Still, Nintendo games has long become a classic, and a classic, as you know, lives forever.

Nintendo games continue pleasing gamers both those feeling nostalgic about their vintage consoles and the representatives of modern generation that have realized that no game can be as exquisite and fun as the classic one. With a nice N64 emulator, you can continue your retro journey right now.

What is Special about Nintendo 64?

Nintendo’s third video game console, the Nintendo 64, was released in 1994. Though the company didn’t create any brand new games for this console, it succeeded in having improved and modernized the old ones, made them more spectacular and interesting to play. The new console also boasted 3D graphics, which distinguished it from the predecessors and attracted more public attention. It was enough for Nintendo fans to welcome the N64 with the open arms.


If you’re dreaming of a happy reunion with your favorite N64 characters on your Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 computer, go on reading our article. You’ll learn about the most effective and stable programs allowing you to run N64 games on your machine. There is more good news for connoisseurs of N64 games. Each of our top picks offers Gamepad and joystick support, which will make your experience even more authentic! 

# 1 Project 64

One of the most popular and reliable emulators for N64 game is Project 64. It allows you to emulate lots of commercial and homebrewed game on any Windows version starting from Windows 7 without lags and freezes. It is noteworthy that the program comes with the installer, which makes the procedure of installing Project 64 less time-consuming and minimizes the risk of errors. You are also free to try the portable version out, if you find it more suitable. Project64 can load and save your game stats. There are also plenty of useful cheats in Project64 for you to become even more successful in completing in-game quests. Moreover, you can download or add new cheats to your emulator. 

# 2 Nemu64

If you’re in search of the best Windows emulator, you definitely should consider trying Nemu64. Though less popular than Project 64, Nemu64 is not an inferior option. It offers decent emulation of most commercial N64 games and doesn’t require installation. All you’ll need to do to start playing your favorite classics is to download this tool onto your Windows comp.

You’ll be able to play games with your pals thanks to its offline and net-based online multiplayer options and save game stats whenever you find it necessary. 

# 3 1964 Emulator

Another worthwhile tool to consider is the 1964 emulator, which can be used on both a PC and Android device. It boasts the same features and options as its competitors (Project 64 and Nemu 64), but at the same time offers additional ROM customizations, which enables you to create your own cheat codes and customizations for our games.

Note: Despite its indisputable advantages, 1964 is not immune to crashes. Though not critical, such errors may interfere with your gameplay and make it less enjoyable. It you happen to confront such a hitch, try pausing the game and then resuming it by clicking on the play button from the menu. After such manipulations, the game should start running normally.

# 4 Supra HLE

If you’re well-versed in setting up emulators or just into that coding and programming stuff, then you may find using Supra HLE quite interesting and even challenging. This tool is often used for professional emulation due to its advanced configuration features. You also can tweak the graphics and sound in Supra, as well as set up the buffer size.

This program operates exceptionally well on Windows and delivers the best emulation quality to users.

Note: Some issues may arise when emulating N64 games on Windows 10. In case of experiencing similar issues on your computer, you may either wait for the next update for Supra or try using the current emulator’s version on Windows 7, where it runs without any delays.

# 5 Mupen64

Our list would be incomplete, if we didn’t mention Mupen64. This tool is rightly considered the closest competitor to Project 64. It also boasts a user-friendly interface, lots of useful options and features; it’s easy to use, and quite undemanding in software requirements. The emulator also has in-built plugins for audio and graphical rendering and powerful processor to ensure the best emulation quality.

Now it’s your turn to select the best emulator and start running cool Nintendo 64 titles on your Windows PC.