8 Unbelievable Hacking Systems That Can Put Your Life At Risk

Technology has made our lives so easy that we, now can rely on it blindly. In making our lives much simplified, we pay no attention to the fact that this very “lifesaving technology” can put our lives at risk in various ways. In today’s era, the technology is so advanced that we give scope to the criminals to exploit it by using all the modern inventions. Nowadays, many incidents are taking place where the hackers are being successful in breaching the data sources in various places. Most of the companies who are making this attractive technology, however, fail to take proper measures to make it as secure as possible.
Here is the list of top 8 ways of hacking that will surprise you.

8. Don’t let the computer virus kill you

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/309481805619359057/
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/309481805619359057/

Ransomware is a kind of virus which can lock down the victim’s computer without breaking the data and has the power to hide all the data on their hard drive. It does not need the password; it can get into the victim’s computer by its own. Once this virus attacks, it is impossible to recover. This program usually displays a message on the victim’s computer’s screen alerting them that they have committed a crime for which they need to pay a huge amount of money, or else, they will never get back their data. In Romania, a man of 36 was attacked by Ransomware where he believed that the police had locked down his computer. The displayed message threatened him with 11 years of imprisonment. The man ended up killing his own son, and hanged himself to death.