What Will Happen to Your Body If You Stop Eating Fruits and Veggies Completely

Depression, smelly armpits, bad eyesight- these are only a few of the potential side effects if you don’t eat any fruit or veggies. There are some very unique ingredients in vegetables and fruits that can’t be found in any other foods, so if you ditch them you’ll probably experience health problems.

CuriousMob.com tried to find out what would happen if we eliminated veggies from our diet and only ate protein. We discovered some pretty interesting facts that made us want to eat an apple or two right away, and we’re wondering if you’ll start wishing the same after reading this article.

7. You may have impaired night vision.

If you’re finding it harder to adjust to the dark like you used to, then it may lead to an increased risk of accidents, but being able to see at night is also important for safe driving. To see objects in the dark, we need Vitamin A, which is found in 2 forms: retinol and beta-carotene. Retinol is primarily found in cod liver oil and fish, but consuming too much of it can cause serious complications. While eating vegetables and fruit, it’s impossible to get too much beta-carotene.