Researchers have figured out what to say – and what not to say – on a first date

No one ever wants to ruin their first date anyway or anyhow. Though there are people whose first dates went very wrong. Hence, if you are getting ready for your first date, there are some things to settle down in your minds in order to have an interesting and successful bonding within the first date.

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6. To do list for Guys


Mimic her laughs: It does not mean that make fun of her laughs, it means to smile or laugh right after her in order to make her feel easy and appreciated. This actually makes her feel more comfortable and understandable. Do not laugh out like she is acting like a clown.

Interrupt her: This means to disrupt within the conversation such as like asking questions or flattering her in the middle of the talking. In order to make her feel that she is paid good attention but make sure you don’t overdo it that she cannot even finish her sentences.

Appreciate her: This totally means to flatter her by the things she likes and dislikes; things she says, the way she does things and almost everything that makes her feel appreciated and connected at the same time. Compliments can win her heart even if she says no to it.

Use the word “You”: Women like it when they are the subject of the conversation, the reason for which when the guys use the word “You” often, makes them feel more valued and prioritized than the other things. As a result, they get more attached emotionally.

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