What Really Happens When a Fly Lands on Your Food

You can do different things when you see a fly sitting on your food. For instance, you could throw away your tasty lunch right away. “It’s just a fly,” some of us will say and keep eating as if nothing happened. Well, these bugs can cause problems, so it’s better to know about them than to be blissfully unaware of them.

CuriousMob.com did some research and wrote this article to help you understand what happens when this bug touches your food.

It is known that flies leave at least some of their last meal on your food. But it looks like the effects of these tiny creatures are much bigger and more complicated than you might think.

4. They can vomit on your food.

Here’s what you need to know: houseflies drink liquids through their mouths, which look like tubes. Because of the way their mouths are shaped, they have to make everything they eat into a liquid. To do this, they throw up on your food, which could contain anything they’ve eaten before (for example, rotten meat or feces).