5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss

4. Sleeping early helps avoid late-night snacking

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss

Sleeping early is the key to avoiding late-night snacks. When you sleep, your hunger hormone ghrelin decreases, and your satiety hormone leptin increases.

When you sleep, your body will produce less ghrelin and more leptin, making you feel full and less hungry. This means that if you don’t sleep, the opposite will happen – ghrelin will increase while leptin decreases, making it easier for you to eat more.

What to do

  • It’s better to eat before you go to bed. It would help if you ate dinner at least two hours before.
  • You need to eat enough throughout the day to block your cravings at night.
  • You can reach for healthier options after dinner if you feel hungry. Fruit, low-fat yogurt, and some carrots might help if you feel hungry.