World’s Most Expensive Passports, Ranked

Getting a new passport can be costly, whether you want to relocate or merely vacation abroad. Even the most frugal of travelers may be taken off guard by the expense of changing a passport that has expired or is about to expire.

These are the world’s most expensive passports, including some regular prices. All prices are in local currency and US dollars for 10-year adult passports unless otherwise stated. Calculations were made in early May 2022.

6. Mexican passport

r/PassportPorn - Updated biometric passport for Mexico

Cost: 3,505 MXN or about $170

The Guide Passport Ranking Index presently rates the Mexican passport 25th. Visa-free travel to 162 countries. Its high mobility makes it a desirable passport. Singapore, the UK, the UAE, and the whole European Union are visa-free for Mexican passport holders. This enables nearly instant global travel. Approximately 182 countries require a visa for Mexican passport holders. Taiwan, the US, and Australia all need a visa.