Write for Us

We’re always looking for talented writers who can write valuable content for us.

The only criteria we have is this:

  • English is either your primary language or you’re fluent in English
  • You’re at least 16 years of age
  • You love writing and learning new things – Research will be needed to make sure what we add is factual


Please note: This is NOT for people looking to write twitter facts (under 140 characters). This is for writing about facts or interesting topics in more detail – just like the existing facts we have on our site. Please also remember, this is not paid work, but can be an excellent experience for anyone wishing to further a career in writing, or just enjoys writing as a hobby in their spare time. In exchange for your writing, we will allow you to put a link to your website or social media account at the end of the article.

Please email us at hello [at] curiousmob.com with samples of your writing if you are interested in writing for us.