5 Morning Habits That Can Prevent Weight Loss

Struggling to lose weight? It can be especially frustrating to stick to a proper diet and exercise regimen and not see results. If you are eating healthy and working out regularly with no change in body weight or fitness, something in your lifestyle might be preventing you from shedding those extra pounds. In fact, your morning rituals can be the culprit standing in your way. Adjusting your morning routine and making a few lifestyle changes around your routine can be the solution that finally trims down your waistline and gives you the body you’ve been waiting for. Here are 5 morning habits that might be making you gain weight:

5. Ignoring your room


While you might want to roll out of bed and head straight to the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee, but neglecting your room and ignoring the messy sheets might contribute to unwanted weight. Research from the National Sleep Foundation has found that nearly 20% of the meticulous bed makers slept longer, deeper and felt more relaxed. So next time, pull back your curtains and make your bed right after you wake up. Play some upbeat, cheerful music to motivate yourself. You’ll feel much more alert and active. This can also lead to other constructive behaviour patterns, such as packing a healthy lunch for work, going for a morning jog or ditching caffeine and/or alcohol for the rest of the day.