7 of the Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight, even after exercising and trying to eat healthy? The real issue may lie in your snacks, as most snack foods have the highest levels of fats, salts, and calories. Snacks like cookies, nachos, milkshakes and caffeinated beverages are crammed with ‘empty’ calories. These can make you gain more weight instead of losing it. If you can swap unhealthy snacks for healthier options; you will see results much faster. Here are seven healthy snacks that are tasty, nutritious and easy to make:

7. Tuna-stuffed avocado

Avocados are super healthy as they are low in sugar and fat but rich in various vitamins. Combined with tuna, this snack will give you a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It also has plenty of protein and omega-3-fatty acids. The tuna complements the creamy, rich avocado; making this a snack that is indulgent without being heavy or fattening. It will also reduce your chances of getting heart disease and inflammation while keeping your cholesterol in check. The best part? It is also filling so you will be less inclined to feel hungry after eating this.