Incredible Reasons To Stop Buying Bottled Water

How much are you honestly ready to spend on something that is free or very cheap? Why spend at all on something which is free right? Well we buy bottled water. In the developed world, tap water is very safe to drink and at times safer than bottled water, then why should we buy something available on tap for free? If you’re worried about ingesting the chlorine or fluoride that is commonly found in tap water then you can easily use filters which can remove those additives.

So spend your money buying a filter, not bottled water; here are 8 reasons to dump bottled water:

8. It’s A Joke

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Did you know bottled water sales account for $60 billion world-wide? No this is not a joke, what is, is that buying something which you can get for free or in a cheaper price. While you still wish to buy bottle water big mega-corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle are crashing. It doesn’t matter which brand you’re buying for bottled water, they all mostly tap water in plastic bottles with pictures drawn on them, and it’s nothing special really. The joke seems to be on us.