7 Drinks to Clean Your Kidneys Naturally

In Layman’s terms, kidneys filter your blood and pass the waste out as urine. The kidneys are vital for your health. If you have ever had a kidney stone or kidney infections, you are well aware of how terrible the situation might get. Like all our other organs, we need to do certain things to keep the kidneys healthy. The following 7 drinks will keep your kidneys and at the same time your taste buds happy as well:

7. Dandelion Tea


You might already be familiar with dandelion. What you might not know is that dandelion is edible and it is a healthy food source. It is a good source of vitamin B-complex, vitamin A, C and D. It also contains iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion makes you urinate more, which is good for you and replaces the potassium that is lost in the urine. Native Americans have been using dandelion as a medicine to treat kidney diseases. It also breaks down kidney stones. All these qualities make dandelion very good for your kidneys. However, before using dandelion, check with your doctor first and only use it for a month at a time.