7 Warning Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar and refined carbs are called “empty calories” because they don’t have any nutrients your body needs. But cutting down on sugar might not be as easy as putting the chocolate back on the shelf. Some sugary foods are processed to make them more tasty and attractive. These foods are frequently the worst offenders, especially ones promoted as ‘healthy’ or low in fat. Let’s look at seven signs that suggest you’re overeating sugar.


When you overeat sugar, your skin’s proteins, collagen, and elastin can be damaged over time. This can cause wrinkles and early aging. Too much sugar could also cause a woman’s menstrual hormones to be out of balance, leading to acne along the jaw line. Sugar is also a favorite food of bacteria and yeast that you don’t want in your gut. If you overeat sugar, you could end up with imbalanced gut flora and inflammation in your body, which is often seen in skin conditions like eczema.