Top 10 Foods That Increase Fertility

We live in an age where our busy lifestyle changes the way we are normally supposed to be. The constant running around, the stress from work and everything else has lead to a malfunction of our body. Some people have messed up sleeping cycle while some have unbalanced digestion problems. We tend to eat whatever we get when we are working. We don’t have much time to focus on what eating healthy. For this reason the human body malfunctions and at times it affects the fertility in both male and female. Not getting the correct nutrients and having an unstable immune system affects the fertility as well.

The good news, however, is that Mother Nature has provided a long list of foods that helps to increase the fertility. By consuming these foods, women can boost their fertility rate and keep their dreams of having babies alive. Here are those top ten foods to boost fertility;

10. Oysters

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According to an endocrinology study, low levels of B12 leads to an abnormal estrogen level in the female body. A normal level of estrogen or even a raised one helps the female body to strengthen the endometrium in order to fertilize the eggs. For this reason, oysters are a good source to increase fertility. Oysters contain B12 in high concentration and it is a good add to your menu if you are looking to boost your fertility.