Make 5 Healthy Snacks with Just 3 Tasty Ingredients

Life these days is always on the fast run. For that snacks are essential to let us fill in our stomach with minimal effort and time. At most occasions, snacks can be really unhealthy because of the lack of attention put while preparing such foods. Since, snacks make up about the majority of the diet among average Americans, it should be taken seriously and so you can take some actions to make those calorie intakes accountable for a positive health benefit.

Here are five simple ways of preparing tasty and fresh snacks for you to enjoy:

5. Popcorn Snack Mix

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Popcorn is a whole grain that can be prepared in many ways using some vital ingredients. But first make sure you select popcorn that is organic or non-GMO since a majority of the crops in America is genetically modified. If you want to keep your health on top, avoid popcorns that is mixed with gravy over smashed with potatoes and such. Then again, do not just select simple plain air pumped popcorn as it has nearly no taste at all. Try to have a balance of nutrition and taste in your snack where popcorns that are prepared with healthy oil, nutrient-rich pistachios and chocolate chips can be incredibly beneficial.