5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hold In Your Fart, According to Science

Did you know the average person passes gas up to 40 times daily? Farting results from built-up air and gases in the digestive system and is a normal, healthy bodily process. However, loud flatulence can be embarrassing, causing many of us to hold it in. But resisting the urge to fart could lead to problems.

CuriousMob.com outlines below some potential issues that can arise from willfully preventing farting. We’ve also included helpful tips at the end for making your farts less smelly. Though farting may seem impolite, keeping gas trapped inside can cause real discomfort. Learn when it’s best just to let it out!

5. Your body might reabsorb it.

When you hold in a fart, the gas has nowhere to go but back into your system. The trapped intestinal gas gets reabsorbed into the bloodstream and circulates through your body. Eventually, it will escape another way – most commonly out through your breath. So resisting the urge to fart simply makes the smell emerge from the other end!

Though passing gas may seem impolite, holding it in can lead to reabsorbing intestinal gases into your blood and exhaling it later. Letting it out originally is healthier than redirecting it internally. So don’t be afraid to fart when you feel gassy – getting it out is better than sending it to new areas of your body.