What Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health

This might be hard to believe but we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. This is why it may not come as a surprise if we say it shapes our personality in some way. We have compiled people’s preferences and what they mean when it comes to sleeping in specific ways.

5. What the side of the bed you sleep on says about you


“Slumber Cloud” conducted a study that basically says the side of the bed you sleep on affects your personality. The main participants of this study were employed US citizens.

The study shows that the people who wake up on the right side of the bed are usually right-brained. In addition to that, they are fond of rock music and they like action flicks when it comes to movies. Contrary to that, the people who sleep on the left are left-brained and they drama movies and old music. Those were certainly some interesting findings.