Washing Dishes and Other Activities to Avoid During a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can look spectacular with their illuminating flashes of lightning. It is, after all, a raw display of nature’s powers. As poetic as they can look, they are, to say the least, very dangerous. According to some estimates, about 6000 people die because of thunderstorms each year globally. These storms bring electrocution, tornadoes, flash flooding and hail damage with them. These are some of the activities to avoid during a thunderstorm:

5. Standing Under a Tree

Standing Under a Tree

Avoid taking shelter under a tree if you are outside when a thunderstorm starts. Trees can be good conductors of electricity during thunderstorms. If you are standing beneath a tree and lightning strikes it, the electricity can run down the tree and in the process, the current can be transmitted to your body. This happens because your body is better at conducting electricity than the tree is.