Be Popular And Successful: 10 Ways To Be Totally Charming!

We see them, we listen to them, and we stare in awe. In a few minutes we cannot help but wonder, “Some people just have it in them.” The “charm” bracelet that they wear, twinkles and sparkles, and we are instantly drawn toward them.

All of us, at least once in our life, may have encountered one such person who was simply amazing; it was either the way they approached you, or the way they talked, or the things they talked about, that make them simply unforgettable. That person could be a university friend who plays the guitar beautifully and has thousands of fan-following, or it could be your boss whose charisma is highly inspirational – a commonality: they are simply awesome!

Yea it is very true that all of us also know or have met people who appear to be rude, bossy and unattached to other people’s wants and needs, and yet successful. However, being social creatures, we naturally find ourselves making friends or being in business partnerships with people who are kind and polite, as well as dynamic and charismatic; they are authoritative but not bossy, they are firm but not rude, they are powerful and they inspire other people with their accomplishments. All these make up to what we call a person having a charming personality, they instantly connect with people around them, and they are like celebrities, their fans increase in number wherever they go. Their charm is viral.

So do these people actually have a “charm” bracelet or a magic wand to hypnotise people? Are they born this way, or have they become this way? Is there a recipe to brew up an excellent personality, naturally?

I believe it is possible to exercise being “charming” even if you are not born with it “naturally”. And, if you cannot beat them, join them. Most charming people have common traits, and you would agree with me in the following points:

10. They act out the role of “their own selves”

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Often we have heard many people tell us, to “just be yourself”. In this era, we subconsciously find ourselves idolizing popular and strong personalities so much so that we start acting like one of them.

Charming people do not try to be someone else. They find acting like themselves as more comfortable. All that you have accomplished in your life till now, is thru your own effort; your followers find you amazing because of who you are and your activities, so why would some other person take all that credit away? Even in your personal life, among your loved ones, just stay who you are; if people do not accept you the way you are, then those people are not the ones you have set out to impress, or you have been trying all along to create an impression to the wrong set of people. Charming people always act as themselves, they attract the right people, they have the right group of friends, and the right group of people as their working partners. Charming people are successful because they do what they want to do, not what other people want them to do; they follow their own dreams and passion; follow this lead and as a student you will be able to study your favourite subject and as an employee you will be able to work in an organization where you actually want to work.