Be Popular And Successful: 10 Ways To Be Totally Charming!

9. They are Masters of social Jiu-Jitsu

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When they ask you how you are, they have a genuineness and warmth in their tone that invites you to go forward and share that day’s experiences with him or her. And they go on to ask more questions about you and do not ignore you in between conversations by attending phone calls or talk about themselves. In fact, they try to be good listeners and give examples from their own life experiences if they need to offer any words of advice.

They try to connect with people of every level, not only with the rich, or only with the like-minds, or only with the hi-fi intellectuals; they flex and reach out to each and everyone, they do not exercise arrogance, even if they have every right to do so.

Most interestingly, even if they are feeling down themselves, they make way for others to talk and share their feelings first; the charming people believe in themselves, and they do not seek other people’s sympathy by talking continuously about their personal grieves and professional hiccups.