The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

Folk 5. Heat spreads equally to every part of the Cast Iron skillets

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Misconception: For many cooking evenly heated pans are needed and whatever cooking in the cast iron pan is done are perfect which means the metal conducts heat to every part of the pan equally.

Actual perception: You can get yourself a proof by letting one end of the cast iron pan on a stove for some time and then try touching the other end of the pan which you will find cooler than the other.That means, right the area above the stove gets warmer relative to the other areas. So if you really want the pan to be heated evenly just pre-heat it for like 10-12 minutes and rotate it every while. And if the thought comes to how actually the foods are done perfectly, that’s because the cast iron skillet has an amazing quality of holding the heat for long which is mainly needed for the searing or deep frying or anything to do it.

And one more quality it has and that is- it spreads a whole lot of heat energy converting to radiation, which means the food which you cook has too much heat for the hardest food to be done softening and roasting it and in less time for sure.